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Batt Pack Energy - 4000W Hybrid Generator

4000 Running Watts / 8000 Starting Watts


Looking for a solar powered generator to install as backup power for your cottage or house? No problem, the Batt Pack Energy can power your fridge and TV for up to 2-3 days (or anything else you might need). Keep it portable and store it in your garage, or hook it up to your home circuit for automatic power transfer during outages.

Doing some renos or working on a construction site with limited power? Our Batt Pack Energy provides fume-free power that can be used indoors and in enclosed spaces.

Planning an epic, cross country RV trip or taking the sailboat out for a weekend? The Batt Pack Energy provides reliable fume-free, fuel-free and noise-free power that will allow you to enjoy nature uninterrupted.

They call it fossil fuel for a reason, this is the next generation of portable power. Introducing the revolutionary Batt Pack Energy, a lightweight portable lithium ion battery system designed to replace commercial and industrial grade generators.

With an output of 4,000W(8,000W surge), it has 2,500+ cycles and a 3 hour rapid recharge to ensure you have access to clean, portable power when you need it most. The best investment in power you'll ever make, the Batt Pack Energy will continue to perform optimally for 5-15 years with no maintenance.  

Weighing in at only 42kg (approx. 90 lbs), the Batt Pack Energy is ruggedly designed and proudly made in Canada for all weather condition

Green energy with no compromise!


  • 4000W continuous / 8000W surge (20ms)

  • 2.5 kWh of usable energy

  • +2500 cycles 

  • 5-15 year battery life span

  • Simple Energy Display

  • Rugged design

  • 240V output 

  • 20A Output Plugs (@240V)

  • Rapid recharge ~3h

  • Outdoor usage: -20degC to +40degC

  • Weight: 42kg

  • System Measurements: 645mm L x 508mm W x 368mm H

  • Cell Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate

  • Can be used as Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

  • Safety features: Overheat protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage.

  • Batterie Certification: UN38.3

  • *Solar Charging kit Upgrade Option - MPPT solar charging capability with up to 24-100VDC of solar panel input
  • *Alternator Charging kit Upgrade Option - Charge on the go! Allows for 12-48VDC alternator charging (3-4 hours charge time).

*Performance is based on 25°C and may be affected at other temperatures.

**A cold weather package is available and recommended when using at sustained temperatures under -5°C.

Want 40% more run time? Try the Extended Range

Estimated Run Times

The below our estimates and usually much less than what you can expect. Some customers report 2-3 days of running an entire cabin (TV, laptop, mini fridge, and 2x lights).


If you would like to calculate run times yourself or are interested in the calculation process and other battery performance factors, check out our Run Times & FAQ.