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SPECIAL - Batt Pack Energy - XP - ONE ONLY Available at this Price!

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It's called fossil fuel for a reason.

No fumes, No noise, No fuel, No compromise.​

Say goodbye to noise, fumes, fuel & pollution, and hello to the future. Introducing the revolutionary Batt Pack Energy, a lightweight portable lithium ion battery system designed to replace commercial and industrial grade generators. With an output of 4,000W (8,000W surge), +3000 cycles and a 5.5 hour rapid recharge time, this is the safest and most reliable generator alternative on the market. Pair that with an impressive lifespan of 7-18 years, and you finally have a solution that makes sense for the the industrial and commercial sectors on both a financial and technological level.

With no fumes, fuel or pollution, the Batt Pack Energy is ideal for indoor or outdoor usage, even in confined spaces and in all weather conditions. Weighing in at only 54kg, it is incredibly portable and ruggedly designed, capable of powering a variety of industrial equipment for an entire work shift. 

Why XP?

The XP model is specifically designed forpowering large tools in tough environments. With ahigh surge capability, it is ideal for powering largegrinders, polishers, saws, coring drills, etc. When operating a fleet, this is your go to!


  • 4000W continuous / 8000W surge (1 second)
  • 1 min surge power to 6000W
  • +3000 cycles
  • 3.8 kWh of usable Energy
  • 7-18 year battery life span
  • Simple Energy Display
  • Rugged design
  • 240V output 
  • 15A Output Plugs (@240V)
  • Rapid recharge ~5.5h
  • Charger Input Power: 650W
  • *Outdoor usage: -20°C** to +40°C
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Measurements: 645mm L x 508mm W x 368mm H
  • Cell Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Can be used as Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Safety features include overheat protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage.


*Performance is based on 25°C and may be affected at other temperatures.

**A cold weather package is available and recommended when using at sustained temperatures under 0°C.

Estimated Run Times

The below our estimates and usually much less than what you can expect. Some customers report 3-5 days of running an entire cabin (TV, laptop, mini fridge, and 2x lights).

If you would like to calculate run times yourself or are interested in the calculation process and other battery performance factors, check out our Run Times & FAQ.

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