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HIRE - Batt Pack Jupiter - 7000W

Fuel Free Generator With AC Output
7000 Running Watts / 12000 Starting Watts

NO Fuel Costs - NO Fumes - NO Noise

The incredibly powerful Batt Pack Jupiter is a robust, portable lithium ion battery system designed to replace larger scale commercial and industrial grade generators.

Ideal for any indoor or outdoor application, the Batt Pack Jupiter is exceptionally easy to use and delivers up to 7,000 W of  240 VAC. This system is the perfect energy solution for various applications in the construction, railway, transit, military, mining and marine industries, and is designed to last an entire work shift.


Industrial sectors are now looking at new ways to reduce their environmental footprint by implementing cleaner technology, while also increasing safety standards.

The best way to understand just how powerful this battery systems is, is to compare trigger run times against traditional gasoline or diesel generators.
Although traditional generators run for 8+ hours straight, the actual trigger time, or time in use, is only a small fraction of that (typically 10-20%). In addition, studies have shown that traditional generators are often oversized for most worksites, leading to a much higher fuel consumption rate than necessary. This in turn has lead to higher procurement costs, long idle times with increased wear and high maintenance costs.

There’s no job too big or too small. It's ready for a challenge.

Serious about safety?

All of the systems use lithium iron phosphate batteries, currently one of the safest chemistries available on the market. There is a very high thermal runaway temperature (270°C), even when fully charged. In the event of a thermal runaway incident, there is a significantly smaller amount of vented gases released, and smaller temperature increases when compared with other chemistries on the market. Finally, there is an on-board system that continuously monitors all operational aspects and shuts down the unit before any incident occurs.

With a longer lifespan and no maintenance fees, the systems offer a much higher ROI over the hire period of the product compared with Petrol or Diesel Generators.

The systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and can be used in all weather conditions. They are also ideal for usage in confined spaces.


Lightweight, waterproof and incredibly durable, the systems can be easily transported and operated by a single operator.


We believe in incident prevention, starting at the source. All of the systems are guaranteed to have no fumes, no fuel & little noise, reducing the chance of worker-related incidents.



MPPT SOLAR CHARGING KIT:  This unit has 2 x Solar Charging capability for up to 1600W of Solar Charging!

ALTERNATOR CHARGING KIT: Compatible with almost any 12-24VDC input for vehicle charging. Charge the unit on the go! 



      • 7,000W continuous / 12,000W surge (1s)

      • 7.2 kWh of usable energy

      • Simple Energy Display

      • Rugged design

      • 240V output (Pure Sinewave)

      • Rapid recharge 6.25h

      • Outdoor usage: -20degC to 45degC

      • Charging temperature: 0-45degC**

      • Weight: 127kg

      • System Measurements: 915mm x 686mm x 585mm

      • Cell Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate

      • Can be used as Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

      • Safety features: Overheat protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage.

      • Battery Certification: UN38.3


      32" LCD TV 100 Watts 70 hours
      Smartphone 10 Watt Hours 700 charges
      Laptop 50 Watt Hours 140 charges

      Large Refrigerator 100 Watts 70 hours
      High Efficiency Light Bulb 5 Watts 1400 hours
      Hammer Drill 700 Watts 9.8 hours (Trigger Time)
      LED Construction Lights (x2) 100 Watts 70 hours
      Hand Grinder 450 Watts 15.4 hours (Trigger Time)
      Hilti TE 3000-AVR Jackhammer 1350 Watts 5.32 hours (Trigger Time)
      Hilti DD200 Diamond Core Drill 1800 Watts 3.92 hours (Trigger Time)
      Husqvarna K3000 1500 Watts 4.78 hours (Trigger Time)