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The PT14 battery combines all the great features found in the PT series of batteries with a larger energy capacity.
A high discharge capacity and built-in heating system make the PT14 battery ideal for larger residential and commercial applications.
Up to 24 of these modules can be paralleled to create a large, plug-and-play energy storage system. With intelligent battery integration, the balancing and integration of each parallel pack is done automatically leaving you with less to worry about.
The PT14 features a UL9540A PASS battery allowing you to install these in almost any situation.

5-year warranty on batteries.


Battery Specifications


    All of our products use LiFePO4, the safest lithium-ion battery chemistry available on the market. Numerous features to keep yourself and your cabin safe. Over-voltage, under-voltage, overcurrent protection with a 300A CSA rated fuse. Lithium Ion has a proven track record in some of the harshest environments including mining and transit. The fume-free batteries mean you can place the system anywhere with no dangerous fumes like traditional lead-acid.