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The new PT5 Battery was designed by HPS, based on listening to customers and installers.

At the same size and weight as the PT3.9 but with almost 55% more capacity, the new PT5 is way ahead of the competition.
Supplied with casters and handles for easy installation, a full display and complete battery-to-battery and battery-to-inverter communication , you have one of the best batteries on the market.
For those living in colder climates, the PT5 has you covered. Features a built-in heating system that automatically maximizes performance in cold weather and allows for charging at any temperature.
The battery cells are also rated for -30°C discharge and storage with no heating.
The future of energy storage is here with the New PT5 Battery.
5-year warranty on batteries.



All of our products use LiFePO4, the safest lithium-ion battery chemistry available on the market. Numerous features to keep yourself and your cabin safe. Over-voltage, under-voltage, overcurrent protection with a 300A CSA rated fuse. Lithium Ion has a proven track record in some of the harshest environments including mining and transit. The fume-free batteries mean you can place the system anywhere with no dangerous fumes like traditional lead-acid.


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