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Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light 233mm


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Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light 233mm

The Light Solution

Dark spaces in the house such as cupboards, corridors, stairs and drawers  etc can be detrimental to the functionality of the home or camper. Traditional lighting can often be difficult to set up, expensive and outdated from a functionality and design perspective. This is the perfect solution. 


The future of Lighting

Our new and unique Sensor Light, is the next generation of modern lighting. 
With our new motion sensor technology and our unique design, - Sensor The Lights is for you who looking for a 
modern, creative and energy-efficient home. 

Why FIREFLY - Sensor Light? 

  • Motion sensor technology

Firefly - Sensor light use modern motion sensor technology so you can say goodbye to needing to find the light switch in the dark. Our light creates a cool and futuristic atmosphere in the home, while making life a little easier. 

  • 3 Different Sensor Modes

Firefly sensor lights have 3 different modes so you can adapt the light to your personal preferences. Choose between constant light mode, sensor night or sensor day / night. Switching between modes is easy and can be done with one button. 


  • Sleek Modern Design

A sleek and modern design creates a distinctive mood for the environment and can be a significant upgrade in the interior of your home, office, camper etc. 


  • Fits anywhere

 The Sensor lights can be used in cabinets, kitchens, corridors, drawers, stairs, sheds/Garages and even camping.
Perfect for any dark area that needs a little extra


  • Adjustable brightness 

Adjust the brightness to your desired needs at a touch of a button to dim the light. 
If you need little or a lot of light, the light can be adjusted by simply holding down the button. 

  • Rechargeable battery

With a fully rechargeable battery theres no need to ever have to change any batteries. The internal battery is charged with a USB cable (included in the package)


  • Wireless lighting

The lights are wireless so they can be installed anywhere, regardless of available sockets. 

  • Easy installation

With the included magnetic strips and double-sided tape, installation is easy and can be moved to another location without any issue.


Sensor Light - User Information

How to use Firefly - Sensor Light 

The sensor light uses a button switch for easy operation. 
To adjust the lights and switch between different modes:

  • First press - Constant light mode.
  • Second press - Night infrared sensor mode (green indicator flashes 6 times).
  • Third press - Day / night infrared sensor mode (green indicator light for 3 seconds).
  • Press forward - Turn off.
  • Hold down the button - Adjust the brightness from dim to light (with memory function so that the brightness you adjust remains the same until you switch again).

If the battery runs out of power, simply remove the lights from the magnetic strip and charge the light with the included USB C cable. 
Average charging time is approx. 2 hours. 




  • Light color: 6000-6500k (white)
  • Battery capacity: 900mAh
  • USB type: USB C (included in the package)
  • Dimensions: 233 * 40 * 8.8mm
  • Colors: Black / Silver
  • LED power: 2W
  • LED brightness: 0130lm (± 20%)
  • Charging time: 2 hours  

Included in the package 

  • 1 pc - SmartLED - Sensor Light
  • 1 pc - USB C charger
  • 2 pcs - Magnetic strips +  double-sided tape

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